David Domine keeps Louisville history alive!


Ghosts and writing and teaching…oh my!

Ghosts and writing and teaching…oh my!

Welcome to the world of David Domine, one of Louisville’s best kept secr…actually, there’s nothing secret about this guy!

An accomplished author, a Bellarmine instructor and a local entreprenuer, David is on a one man mission to keep Louisville’s “haunted past” on the historic map.

Originally from Wisconsin, David moved to the ‘Ville in 1993 to continue his education as a courtroom interpreter. However, he absolutely fell in love with our town, and the rest is history.

“I have no plans of moving anywhere soon,” he told me during our interview.

David became intrigued with the past of Louisville…the haunted past, that is! He started to study about the different characters and historic figures that graced Derby City, and 5 years ago began giving Ghost Tours thru Old Louisville which take you through the beautiful, romantic…and eerie…spots of an era gone-by.  He also conducts tours through the other historic sections of town, as well.

“We do tours all over Louisville, but the highlight is definitely Old Louisville,” he informs me.


His company also hosts several major events that will throw participants into the rolls of the characters in his books, including “The Spirit Ball” and “The Holiday Home Tour.” 

The Spirit Ball takes place in the Conrad-Caldwell House, Louisville’s most famous Victorian mansion, and the price of the ticket includes dinner, dancing, costume contests and an all around amazing evening. The Holiday House Tour will give you an up close look at the beautiful architecture and lifestyles of 1800’s L’Ville. Nothing will give you the true taste of Louisville’s amazing history as attending these two events.

He has written three books on the subject, with a total of five planned. “Ghosts of Old Louisville” and “Phantoms of Old Louisville” can be found on bookshelves and Amazon.com, and “Specters of Old Louisville” will be out by Halloween.

David’s amazing talents don’t stop with ghosts…he is also an accomplished cook, and has written “Adventures in New Kentucky Cooking“, a cookbook which gives a great twist on local flavors. It’s written under his moniker “The Bluegrass Peasant.”  His next cookbook, “Bourbon Cookbook,” should hit the shelves by the end of the year.


You can also catch his blog posts on “The ‘Ville Voice.”

As if writing and running a successful Tour business doesn’t keep him busy enough, David has also been teaching foreign languages at Bellarmine for the past 9 years.

In a time when folks are busy trying to further themselves, it’s refreshing to find someone that can be successful…and promote their local community…at the same time.  Sometimes the phrase is worn and overused, but David Domine is truly a “Rennaisance Man.”

To find out more about the Spirit Ball, October 25, go to www.thespiritball.com.  For info on the Holiday House Tour, December 6 & 7, go to www.holidayhousetour.com.  The 5th annual Victorian Ghost Tour is Oct. 24, 25 & 26.


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